Poetry 2013 / Volume 44

Run-on — Paulina Harrison

There’s method in the madness of rants that continue to go on and on never ending and always changing subjects without any warning and I like how she sings I wish I could sing like a little bird in a great green field where the hills are alive with the sound of music which is sometimes made better with a banjo for a little lion man who will come rip out my heart but oh I’d let him though I know I shouldn’t wonder about the future and its odd way of being oh so predictable and a linear equation which can be solved with the substitution method if I’m remembering correctly which is hard because I like to honey bee hive my thoughts moving stuff around like a mailman does with letters and brown paper packages tied up with strings twisted with colored threads that tie the world together with an aglet at the end of a sad movie where things end with perfect destruction with a herd of cattle walking slowly grazing and gazing upon the many issues of cosmo and people and other assorted debaucheries like spray cheese which when added to pan de sal from that one bakery in national city taste just as good as any parisian crepe which I’m sure will earn me some glares for chairs and dares and there he is at the door to the big comfy couch where no problem was really as big as it seemed and lunette taught us all to do funny flips on the floor and wave to the sky full of clouds that hardly ever looked like anything in the blaring california heat while young girls measure their progress towards anorexic sized waists of seventeen inches like winona’s for wilhelmina’s when wooing wonderful gary’s prince who isn’t always as charming as one would expect sometimes more more frequently though could I see the seals resting on the beach before the evil senseless creature with their bright colored tools of fright sent the adorable shiny dark seals to sit on the uncomfortable rocks and not table rock not that great rock which I hoped was the one I had seen to feel closer to fictional characters who’s choices I don’t approve of but would be itching to try I’m sure there’s a guy worth fighting for and hopefully he will sing that about me too though I would prefer the part about brains which are consumed by the zombies which frighten me to no end and I wonder why fiction scares me more than reality and I realize that I like the feeling of pens in my hand and there is a bit more clarity more so than los angeles whose ironic title would never send a hipster into analysis because religion and politics are a no no among friends and dates which are totally the same thing in a box labeled “SLUTT TOPS” which I can’t take credit for and must be given to the girl with the chimera like wardrobe because no one ever looked slutty in a t shirt and jeans unless they’re barefoot on the beaches of anywhere as long as it’s on the pacific which will forever be my love my childhood sweetheart if you will but he get’s touchy always pulling my top or bottom up or down with his strong wave hands as I got older, Poseidon I am not that kind of girl I would say but the cold water did send some sensations to some interesting places it hurts a little not to see it every couple of days like I see the sky becoming as blue as van gogh’s and one can’t help but think ear and for some reason I think of a great song in spanish which no one understands and odd looks are sent my way which is why I bought headphones off of amazon before my sisters baby was born and I adore the blue with green spotted vehicle to worlds which can always be made better when you put a bird on it but be sure it’s not a pigeon because I guess that’s grounds for firing squad which can be deflected with the proper knowledge of inertia and thine bright eyes make mine soul ache for the sweet soft caress of thine flesh to mine for there be-eth no thrill like that which can be-eth punished by law and order svu is the best because it’s most heartfelt but having never watched the others except that time in eighth grade where the hot guy was the criminal and I was thinking of pulling a britney spears for the first time in my life and it should have been a red flag saying hey I see a pattern of assholes in your future as hands roam over a crystal ball thanks dad I would not prefer a bunch of cactuses which is proper because octopi is its own latin word and “eses” are the proper suffixes and I forgot how the end to apostle’s creed went probably because I never read it much to my father’s dismay and I think I may have lied at confession the one time I went when I was eight and honestly eating a doughnut when my mom told me not to should not count as a sin when there are people committing far worse crimes than those glorified and romanticized in movies which is why I don’t care for that one french movie that everyone practically became a crack-whore for.

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