Poetry 2013 / Volume 44

Some Change for the Time Man — Tom Pescatore

Anchor me down with the past…
I’m a floating helium-centric
goon of the heavens babbling
incoherent love songs to the sick—
oh well, it was a mighty cause
when I fought it, when I remembered
what it was, but now I’m ground
up in old groundhog day
senility starting 8 hours behind
the sun and escaping into the night
only to sleep never to live
never to live—I’m a lay about—
society bites me, keeps me moving,
I’ve fallen so far from my feet—
they’re dragging toward the gorge,
an endless plastic coffin filled
to the brim with only the faces
I’ve known, the ones with
concentric circles spinning round their
golden heads—that’d be us Joe—but
they stick the swords to our backs and the
planks vibrate to the frequency
of the queen’s machine—
there’s no footing, there’s no branch
only falling—

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