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Staff Update: Midterms and Submissions!

It’s been a chilly winter in the Midwest. The Coe Review has been eagerly accepting and reading submissions for the past couple of months. We will continue to read and accept submissions until March 18th. So if you’re got a story you want us to see, send it our way! This semester we’ve broken up into small groups, meeting once a week to discuss the stories we are reading. We’ve all found this helpful in really digging into a story and exploring what makes a story good/interesting/exciting/captivating.

Our readers have plenty on their plates on top of reading and discussing stories. We just finished midterms at Coe, which means we are only seven short weeks away from the end of the second semester! On top of that, our midterms led to our Spring Break. Some of us have gone off to warmer locations, while others have stuck around the Midwest to brave these chilly temps. Regardless, we are still reading stories and gearing up to put our issue together post-break.

Since our reading levels have decreased, expect to see an increase in our blogging. We’ve got some great stuff planned, especially since we’ve named one of our manuscript readers, Marissa, to head the blog! She has a lot of great ideas she can’t wait to share with everyone.

Stay warm and submit stories!

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