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We’ve Got a Tumblr!

A great thing about the people who work on the Coe Review is their willingness to try new things and get the ball rolling on new projects. One of our communication editors, Olivia, decided that the Coe Review should have a Tumblr. We talked about the idea one night at an editor meeting and the next thing we know, we have this:

Coe Review Tumblr

Pretty neat, am I right?

We asked Olivia to write a quick blurb about our Tumblr and this is what she said:

Tumblr began as a blogging site, but quickly turned into one of the top five social networks of the world.  With 172.3 millions blogs, people can post pictures, stories, poems, gifs, and quotes that inspire them or just make them laugh.  There are different niches on Tumblr including fandom blogs, hipster blogs, exercise blogs, and writer’s blogs. Each group interacts on the site by reblogging posts that they find interesting. The Coe Review Tumblr fits into the latter of those groups.  As the primary blogger on the Coe Review Tumblr, I post poems from out latest edition and accept submissions from fellow bloggers.  Tumblr is the perfect way to reach out to promising writers; by giving them a place to submit and see what other budding writers like them are creating, the bloggers can create their own works.  From my own experience on Tumblr, I love seeing poems that I can reblog because it really opens my eyes to writers who are not published yet or peers that write beautifully and can inspire me to do the same.  Therefore, creating a Tumblr for the Coe Review is a perfect way to reach out to new and up and coming writers.

So take a trip over to our Tumblr. Follow us, and we’ll follow you right back!


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