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Coe Review Staff Shares Our Six Word Memoirs

The Coe Review consists of students from all different majors and interests; we aren’t all creative writing or English majors! That is why we had this idea to see how our readers and editors would describe themselves using six words. We got such an astounding variety of six word memoirs.

Some were funny :

“Are you napping again? Get up.”- Olivia McElwain

“Falling down stairs, that’s my life.” – Marissa Bouska

“I select acquaintances with Nerf darts. “ – Jenna Kelly

Others told of personality and aspirations:

“Counting syllables. Counting up past deeds.” – Ned Curoe

“Tattooed, fohawk…promise, not a sketch.” – Alex Boyd

“Everyone wants to be quirky somehow.” – Tanner Brossart

“I am a God among men.” – Anonymous

And yet others were as random as the group of people assembled on Monday nights:

“I’m a ninja till I’m punched”- Patrick Johnson

“Too many dogs watching me eat”- Anonymous

“Walking in snow, eating ice cream”- Taylor Mayenschein

“I’ve just got a lot of feelings” – Kirsten Nelson

I guess what we are trying to say is that everyone here is a bit weird and although you may not be “Constantly breaking through frozen creeks” or a “California girl living in the Arctic” you still could have a valid opinion on literature. If you are one of those people who “Spends time crying over fictional characters” like Zoe Timmerman or even if you are like Heather Job, “Sorry I’m crying. I like pugs.” we will accept you for the “Escapist on the fringe of fractals” you really are, like Christa Angelious. We want to hear from you, so send us your work, because “Wall flowers pack a punch too!”

by Marissa Bouska 

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