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Summer Update

Why hello! This is Hailley, the old managing editor. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea it’s already the middle of July. Seems like just the other day we were opening boxes of our newest fiction issue and hosting another successful publication release event. On top of all this literary madness (as some might call it), I myself, along with a few of our other staff members graduated.

My final task as managing editor is to help get our newest issue online before I finally hand over all my responsibilities to Alex and Marissa, the co-managing editors for this upcoming year. Both are outstanding Coe Review members and I can’t wait to see what new paths the magazine will take.

The spring 2014 fiction issue will go live tomorrow, Monday, July 21st around 11 AM. In previous online releases, the stories will be published minutes from each other throughout the hour. By Monday night, the issue will also be accessible on the Current Issue page.

If you’d like a copy of our fiction issue, please email However, be aware that we are on summer vacation right now. While we occasionally check our email, we’re not the best at it while we are enjoying the couple of months before the semester begins. When we return to campus in September, then we will do our best to reply to any summer inquiries and requests.

–Hailley Fargo

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