Poetry 2011 / Volume 42

Pied Brunch* — George Such


Glory be to the mouth for taste, for dappled buds on tongues adazzle, for wazzle-dazzle flavor, for taste of berries, just picked berries, raspberries filled with juice, juicy fingers, fingers lips, kiss fingers, lips, nips, couple-colored sips. Sweet. Slow. Swift. Slow. Swift. Sweet. Plotted and pierced. Grapes, wine yeast on grapes, grape clusters hanging, scent of apples, dates, pomegranates, figs


Bread of Life. Bread. Body. Communion. Loaves, loves, love loaves, love muffins, whole-grain muffins, buns, freckled buns, buns freckled with sesame seeds, buns, nuns, tons of nuns with buns, warm buns run to the room, the door kaboom! Room-room. Knead-need. Cum oy ya, My Lord, Cum by ya. Ya ya ya. Someone’s baking Lord, making loaves.


Fish and loaves. Loaves and fishes. Loves and fishes. Fishes and loves. Fish love. Love fish. Feed five thousand. Feed Four thousand. Loaves and fishes. Trout. Trout with rose-moles in stipple. Stipple fickle. Fickle tickle. Bass. Sass bass mass. Massachusetts. Bassachusetts Dappled bass. Sassy bass for Mass. Salmon! Pink salmon. Slammin salmon. Raw salmon. Sashimi! Sashimi for Mass! Sashimi in soy sauce! Gleaming salmon sashimi


Better is thy love than wine. Sip. Sup. Cup. Take this cup and sup and sip. Drink wine, red wine. Spirits. Light, not a heavy red, like Pinot, yes! Pinot Noir! Pinot Noir! Pinot! Pinot! Pina! Pina! Pina Colada! Pina Colorado! Pina Mountains of Colorado! Pina Mountains of Wyoming! Pina Tetons! Pinot Tetons! Pinot salmon Tetons! Pinot slammin salmon! Pinot loaves and fishes! Oh Lord, Cum by ya!


Milk and honey. Honey bunny. Funny bunny. Bunny tummy. Tummy honey. Bees buzzing. Buzzing tummy. Head fuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzy buzzy. Fuzzy flowers. Buzzy wuzzy showers. Fingers grasping grass. Clover in grass. Finding four-leaf clover. Rollover in clover. Cloves. Loaves with cloves. Loaves with honey. Funny honey. Sticky lips and finger tips. Lick them! Praise them! Taste them!

*(with thanks to Gertrude Stein and Gerard Manley Hopkins)

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