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Where, When, How: Making Time to Read or Write

If you are like many students, you have many obligations to meet; working, studying, shopping, and more. You may find it difficult to fit everything into a day, but you still have that short story you want to write, or that novel that you haven’t touched since you got it for Christmas. It’s easy to save these for later and focus on the “more important” tasks ahead, but reading and writing are still valuable parts of a student’s life. If you want to get back into reading/writing without taking up too much of your busy weekly schedule, here are some tips to help you along the way:

1. Set a time. If you have an hour, a half hour, or even ten minutes of free time in the day, try to dedicate it to reading/writing. It may not seem like a lot, but it can add up quickly over time. Scheduling this time could give you something to look forward to in the day, and it can reinforce getting back into the habit of reading/writing.

2. Find friends. If you know some people who are also trying to read and write, try to set up a meeting time and place where you can all just sit down and get to it. This can be really helpful when you need to bounce ideas for your stories off of another person, or if you’re struggling with understanding some heavy-handed text (we’re looking at you, Kafka).

3. Do it before you sleep. If you feel that your day is too busy to fit in anything more, try thinking about reading or writing while you wind down for bed. Many people love to read just before hitting the hay, and surprisingly it helps them remember the text better in the morning! Also, many writers know that feeling of disappointment from having a great idea at night, falling asleep, and forgetting it entirely the next day. Instead of letting that happen to you, keep a notepad or your computer by your bed to jot some lines down quickly; of course, just make sure you’re getting enough sleep, too!

Reading and writing are two great ways to keep your mind involved and active throughout a busy and stress-filled day. Keep these tips in mind, and you can get back to what you love doing the most.

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