Poetry 2014 / Volume 45

404 Page Not Found — Kevin Brown

We had heard of couples who could finish
one another’s sentences, could order for one

another in restaurants they had never visited,
could tell which questions the other could answer

in Trivial Pursuit or on Jeopardy. We can prime
our neurons to provide faster responses

by building stronger connections, like some
web browsers that preload frequently visited
pages, called prefetching, as if we throw sticks

into the internet and expect them to be returned.
You thought you knew my thoughts

on children, believed your mother and mine,
who said I was like my father, would change

my mind in months, maybe a few years,
at most.  So you would start sentences for me
to finish:  I can’t wait until we have or

It’ll be great when there’s a little, while I sat silently,
like a browser, circle spinning and spinning,
looking for a webpage that has never existed.

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