Poetry 2014 / Volume 45

Joansie — Sea Sharp

show me how to steal
black panties from the walmart stash
the grass and run faster when they chase us
up the chain linked fences

show me how to be callused soles
kicking a cow treading the gravel
roads show me how to lose time kiss
black boys in the moonlight stick a quarter
in the payphone to feed our parents
lies and make them sound delicious
because we must act first
play hard live by the code

and I will keep
my shirt on

let us hold hands you and I
walk all over this damn town
so everyone will see us
wild enough to not give fucks

show me how to walk
the long way home like the street
kids in the ditches grinding
their teeth rough eyed and
starving hitchhiking to
anywhere but here

and show me how to mock
the stoop kids melting tenderly
three steps above the sidewalk
bible in their palms feeling so much
closer to their dandy white gods

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