Poetry 2014 / Volume 45

Life — Dan Morris

The moon is over head, like any romantic
movie would dictate. The sand on the dunes
is cooling from the day’s constant sunlight.
He stands next to her as she talks about
her art class and how the summer won’t
change what they’ve started just a week ago.
He thinks this is what college is about.
What is one’s time at college but an opening
of new avenues without definite terminations?
Because this seems to fit the archetype established
in films targeted for his generation he knows
what is happening at this very moment is what
starts the great movements in life. And it is all
about life and life is the subject of everything
that he creates that he feels has meaning. He
wants to tell her that she is his life not knowing
that when he calls her after a month of silence
she will say her wedding is in October and that she
doesn’t have time to talk.

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