Poetry 2014 / Volume 45

Two Poems for Frank Lloyd Wright — John Sibley Williams


Material origin:    essential in constructing

the authentic body      authentically.

Angles:    as space must diverge from form                regardless,

and in opposition

define harmony.

Structure:    a home begins as dream,        begins air,

as content that needs

something to fill.

Hands:    mold the air



Had we not remade the world into
falling water
and glass that opens us
to forgotten light…

had we not invited
each season’s perfect transition
into a house
built upon such un-
perfected bedrock…

had we not assumed
our own impermanence
before inscribing
the cornerstone’s date…

this drive to recreate
what it means to live in this place,

having already paid
the price of separation
from oneness               in being
and in being


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