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The Profiteer — Anton Jones

I can’t put my baby in a stroller.  There are no rattles or binkies in my mansion.  No cradle would ever hold her.  I named her Emily but no one would ever call her that.  She was the only good that ever came out of that man my parents auctioned me off to. He was … Continue reading

Fall 2009 / Issues / Poetry 2009 / Volume 40

Attention Historians! — Darrell Epp

attention tenured historians, the public wearies of your improbable power fantasies and dreary morality plays. skip the mongol invasions and hutterite genealogies and find room in your textbooks for the following: the first cigarette, the last hotel room, dorothee’s footprints in the snow, her favorite pyjamas, the lost toys of kindergarten, the ideal that begat … Continue reading