Fall 2009 / Issues / Poetry 2009 / Volume 40

Box of Disquiet — Suzanne Scarfone

truth be told part of me has lived in this box of disquiet for years and years let’s see one still summer’s day two of my teeth came out baby teeth plop plop ripe pears falling from my mouth I gasped and flushed and poked my finger in the wet gum and knew I wanted … Continue reading

Fiction 2010 / Issues / Spring 2010 / Volume 40

The Machine — Fred Waage

       The unemployment office in Happy Valley Mills fronts an abandoned Colonial cemetery. Before 8 A.M. on their check day, lank and plump bodies wait hooked over the cemetery’s iron fence. Behind them, some of the ancient willows, half-hollow themselves, have uprooted Baptist obelisks. Some of their fallen limbs have shivered grave-slabs. At … Continue reading

Fiction 2010 / Issues / Spring 2010 / Volume 40

Take Up Serpents — Lisa Harris

The Yankees who came through the 76 Truckstop when Tessie worked there often shared the same racist views as their Southern cousins. They descended across the Mason-Dixon line, eating their way south on cornbread and fried chicken, on barbecue and collards, pecan pie and shortbread. They rose in the morning and continued south, refueling their … Continue reading