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The Ocean Carries My Message To You—Melissa Parietti

The tides created all the races;

The snapping fish, their jaws are bones

varied width, shape and bite

by their want; the great wanting.

(It comes to you right now)

A greater warning for tomorrow’s

uncertain perils, the terrors of another’s

fearsome jaw.


You swallowed me whole.


Inside of my every nerve-ending I

sought a god of temptation; a

low-hanging fruit, a beautiful snake

of a man. His scales looked at me;

(he saw, heard and felt)

too much innocence – stay with your

own (he said), the ones with the brown eyes,

brown hair; your own type.


Everyday someone new calls me “little fish”


but that is good.

I need that to drift by

waves in this ocean are the sounds you

offer in love to my ear; so many ears.

(Sounds of all)

Lots of cooing, proclamations of love,

in every language, in every mode, model,

frequency, even in the umbrellas in the

rain: in the drops fallen, in the sound of splash.

Treble bass, striped bass; lovely vicious woman,

you pike – hidden flounder, the murky mud makes

you mine. Trudge inside, burrow, feel the inevitable

seeds of time fashion novels, round-heeled boots,

perfect visions. All beauty, perfect lines

in art, the sculptor’s fist, in poetry the

length of time attached to the pause and beat,

piano’s put forth the froth atop this cup.


We’re all bait for the big one


(that is what happened

to me in my dream)

Last night, ere I saw

the alabaster, the shades of pink,

the darkest mud; black depths

ghostly shadows;

the tides created all the races.


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