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Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Grey


Do you like Gothic novels? French inspired decadence? Hedonism? Horror? Suspense? Magical paintings? Then quirky Englishman Oscar Wilde’s sole novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, definitely is the book for you. Especially as the weather turns cold and sunset comes sooner each night. Cuddle up under some blankets, dim the lights, and enjoy protagonist Dorian Gray’s fall from grace into the dark and alluring realm of sin. Get lost in Wilde’s intense but beautiful descriptions and watch Lord Henry Wotton’s influence drag Dorian away from the innocence of boyhood to that of corruption and crime. Be swept up into Dorian’s lavish and materialistic lifestyle as he welcomes life guidance from different mediums. As Wilde takes you on a roller-coaster of events in Dorian’s life, you’ll be biting your nails in anticipation as the end approaches.

You don’t have to worry about length bogging you down. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a relatively light read coming in at approximately 165 pages (depending, of course, on the edition). If you want the truest experience, be sure to pick up the unabridged edition: it’s much darker and biting than the censored editions. This version is truest to what Wilde originally published.

Also, I highly recommend reading the preface, (and not skipping over it), there are plenty of tattooable lines in there! Pick up a copy soon!

by Emma Bozenda

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