Blog Post / Fall 2016 / Issues / Poetry / Poetry 2016 / Volume 47

For Myself–Katie Rejsek

I took my mind out for dinner
It ditched after shitting in the bathroom

Stupidly looking
in a cup of microwave dinner water
without mind without brains

They say Hemingway splattered his
like Van Gogh against the wall
A coward’s art
They are all afraid

I do not want to want to die
I am feeling sexy in my essence
my essence so ugly so tragic
Everything at once has been replaced
by an identical itself

I listen to the same postal service
I lost virginity to
knock on my door
ask for your John Hancock

I see my mind outside
with flowers
with another woman

I want a bike I cannot afford
the money the place
to keep and
the thing that
will really let myself
A pedal a grip
the rain and
lamppost light
married but
we all know
it can’t last forever
Rain and light
both dry up
The check has been paid.

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