Blog Post / Fall 2016 / Issues / Poetry / Poetry 2016 / Volume 47

Haunted House Attractions–Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

The same October fifth
classmate died in cider
crypt I took a grunt job
back home event
company haunted houses
country club tweens
construct Halloween
season Finger Lakes
dusk slit rushing
arteries into the earth
told by boss make extra
scary this year parents
pay good money so rooms
roaming shadows eye dots
I hosed everything in fog
swirls unholy
barks old witches
rock in chairs old old
everything old my boss
scolds but Salem
witches swung
from bloody leaf
nooses imitation ruby
lariats poor
young girls
two Iraqi tours
rooms of trash
skulls grin smoke
whistling groans
like my first crash
Lindsay Harris
sweet sixteen a girl
like me never invited
at twenty found in weeds
legs arranged as bonfire
logs haunted houses
corpse necks intact
nothing partial prom
date Katie Socci face
planted pumpkin patch
harvest season police
tape around her like
a little house


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