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2017 Reading Challenge

As each new year begins, people make resolutions that will be often abandoned by the end of January. While it wasn’t exactly a resolution, I decided that I wanted to read more for pleasure this year–spend less time playing video games or watching media (which is really hard as a film major!) and try to read more books on my own (also hard to do when you’re a creative writing major with books or manuscripts to write).

To help me, I found a really great reading challenge from Hannah Braime.


So far, I’ve read two books out of the 26, keeping me right on schedule. I completed A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (a book you can read in a day) and Asunder by David Gaiter, attached to the Dragon Age video game series (book recommended to me by a friend). I’m about halfway done with Neuromancer by William Gibson currently (an award-winning book). When I’m done with that, I’ll move on to Mansfield Park, one of the few Jane Austen books I haven’t yet read for my “book published over 100 years ago”.

If you want a real challenge, though, you should look at her “2017 Ultimate Reading Challenge”. It includes 52 books, which means you have to read one book a week for the whole year!

Hopefully, more people will be inspired to take up this challenge too. Happy reading!

by Sharon Levy

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