Critics of Poetry

There seems to be quite a lot of ultracrepidarians when it comes down to poetry, myself included sometimes. As someone who is involved with a minimal amount of literature-related activities, I was surprised to find such a passion on criticizing poetry amongst college students. Some of them are qualified, others, not necessarily. I think it’s important to consider why these poems were made and what it means to the author on a deeper level before shutting it down for the reason that we did not agree with it from skimming it within a matter of seconds. I will agree that some poems are indeed not qualified enough, however, there are certainly many of them that are unfairly judged–and for the smallest of details. I think these critics forget the impossibility to write a perfect poem, and even the ones with minimal flaws, are still attacked on every bit and piece. There is importance in accepting things for its flaws and dismissing it in a respectful manner. I am not sad about rejecting poems that have been voted out unanimously or ones that were close. I am disappointed about the lack of considerate comments towards pieces that don’t have very much wrong with them. At times, some critics are just merely spewing out unmindful words to waste their breath. I usually look forward to those who have more progressive comments. I, myself, remain quiet when I do not feel as if I have enough substance to bring to the table. But then again, who am I to judge others when I am also inexperienced.

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