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Book Review: “Call me by your name” by Andre Aciman

by Nghia Luong

Set in Italy in 1983, Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman is a beautiful LGBT story about seventeen-year-old Elio and a guest at his home for the summer, a twenty-four-year old named Oliver. Their story is told in slow, methodic steps and oftentimes feels as if the world has stopped because the author detours into the wild depths of Elio’s mind. Their tale, framed as a love story, paints a complex picture of forbidden desire, both arising due to their sexuality and age difference.

There are several explicit scenes in this book that, through Aciman’s expert use of metaphor and his ability to force readers to look past base actions, add rather than detract from the atmosphere the novel tries for.

Admittedly, the book is not for everyone. However, any person who has ever felt the unrequited longing for the love of another , or the pressures of keeping your desire hidden, would enjoy this magnificent book.

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