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I used to wonder what my life would sound like if I were a character in one of my books. Would I be the girl privileged to be born in America or the unprivileged black girl born in the bad parts of town? Would I be known for my ability to create grandiose stories with only the tip of my tongue or am I the mal-tempered child that never knew when to bite hers? Maybe I’m the high school outcast that everyone secretly talks about because “I heard she’s kinda smart”, or quite possibly I’m the over-involved college student that never has a moment to breathe. Hopefully, whoever is writing my story is generous to me. Maybe they mention the times I cried in front of my professor but leave out the reason behind it was the depression I actively avoided acknowledging. I hope they’ll say something nice like “her smile could light up the room” or some corny shit like that. But don’t forget to mention that I have a mouth that my mother doesn’t like, and sailors want to marry, because fuck does it feel good to be free. I just hope that when I’m writing my story I’ll remember to be honest.

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