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“We Are Animals” Book Review by Jeanette Jones

“We the animals” by Justin Torres is a refreshing coming of age story of the author. The book captures specific significant events in the author’s life that built him to who he is today. Each chapter captures a memory, and as a reader you feel like you are a part of that memory as it played out. Throughout the book, there are many unexpected turns in the plot. For a majority of the book, it was written in first person but in retrospective of his prior self as a 7 year old little boy. The author switched from first person to third person and back to third person all throughout the book. This writing style indicates different perspectives of the situation the narrator is in. That switch at the end was intriguing. The perspective change was unexpected given that majority of the book was written in the first person perspective of the 7 year old author. From his innocent and childlike point of view to when he became himself and was ”made” or discovered himself, the author switched person views. When the end of the book came, I wanted to continue reading. But, that was the end.  When it came to the last chapter, I immediately thought about how everything had come together. This book is a must-read.

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