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Book Review: “Sula” by Toni Morrison

By Emma Bozenda Sula, first published in 1973, is the second book by Nobel-prize winning author, Toni Morrison. Defined by its grit, impactful language, and exploration of family and friendship, Sula is a powerful work of American literature. The story primarily takes place in the Bottom, a small community tucked away in the hills above … Continue reading

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“Literature’s Greatest Opening Lines as Written by Mathematicians” Review by Dana

This article points out how great authors have a way with their words. Sentences that could be written in maybe four or five words or in simpler notation are turned into elaborated phrases that makes the reader’s mind think critically. This is not to disregard that the article most definitely has a more humorous take … Continue reading


Critics of Poetry

There seems to be quite a lot of ultracrepidarians when it comes down to poetry, myself included sometimes. As someone who is involved with a minimal amount of literature-related activities, I was surprised to find such a passion on criticizing poetry amongst college students. Some of them are qualified, others, not necessarily. I think it’s … Continue reading