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Review of the Literary Podcast “Levar Burton Reads” by Grace Augustin

When I was younger, a television show that my mom, two sisters and I really loved to watch was called “Reading Rainbow.”  It was hosted by bibliophile Levar Burton, and encouraged children to read.  This past summer, my older sister shared the exciting news with the rest of us that a new podcast was coming out called “Levar Burton Reads”.

It would be a literary podcast in which Levar would read some of his favorite short stories, and then have a short discussion of them, explaining why he’d chosen that story and what he thought about the story.  I was very excited about this – I love listening to podcasts, and one hosted by an old favorite was quite a treat.  It took me awhile to start listening since I tend to listen to podcasts rather intermittently.  But I have finally started to listen to the podcasts in these past few months, and I have not been disappointed.

One of my favorite things about podcasts is that it introduces me to information and to stories that I never would have encountered otherwise, and this podcast is no exception.  Each story seems to be better than the last, and Levar is such a compelling storyteller – it’s very clear that he enjoys reading the stories as much as I enjoy hearing them.

He starts off each podcast with a brief introduction of the podcast and of the story, and then says, “If you’re ready, let’s take a deep breath. [Takes deep breath.] Are you ready?”  I think it’s a great way to start the stories, as it always relaxes and excites me.

If you love stories, or if you loved Reading Rainbow as a kid, or if you love podcasts, then I suggest that you check out “Levar Burton Reads.”  It’s an excellent podcast that will introduce you to compelling, thought-provoking stories.  But as Levar likes to say, “Don’t take my word for it.”

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