2.5 Almonds–Justin Hyde

a drug task-force detective

calls me


right away

I hear in his voice

he still believes in what he’s doing:


‘we’ve been on your parolee

over a month

pulled him over today

2.5 grams of crack cocaine

under the driver’s seat

taking him to polk county jail now’


2.5 grams of crack cocaine

sounds pernicious

like the barrel of a gun

shoved down your throat


but take 2 almonds

bite a 3rd in half

drop them on a kitchen scale


there you go


his wife calls next

crocodile tears?



it’s all a bit shimmery

and quicksilver now


the only ineluctable

is that the bureaucracy has been turned on


he’s on parole

so there will be no bond


he’ll sit in jail for the

next 3-4 months


while the county attorney hangs a

ludicrous sentence

over his head


he will lose his job

his apartment

who knows about the wife


i pull his paper file out of the active queue


walk over to the corner of my office


pull open the metal filing cabinet


and slide it behind the tab marked



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