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Flash Fiction Friday: Untitled

The library was packed, and I mentally cursed myself for coming in broad daylight. I avoided eye contact with the librarian because I still hadn’t returned that chemistry book I borrowed two months ago. I was pretty sure I had lost it. I still hated the library, but I couldn’t deny the beauty of the beige walls covered with brown Greek symbols. My red sneakers reflected in the brown mosaic tiles that engulfed the entire library. Each bookshelf in each isle was brown with a sepia book design carved on the side of the bookshelf. I left my bag in the bag room and walked over to the biblical section. I picked out all the books that had information on Hell and Lucifer. After I had raided all the books I needed, I moved the books with me and dropped the first three books. Groaning as I bent down to steadily pick them, a tall stranger got them for me. Based on his outfit of a simple shirt and cargo shorts, he didn’t work here. He took half the books in my hands and he asked where I wanted to sit. I awkwardly led him to the farthest table away from people and thanked him.
“Thank you, sorry to have bothered you,” I awkwardly smiled.
He gave off a lazy shrug and grinned. “No problem. Glad I could help. So, are you like… obsessed with Hell?” he teased.
“Just doing research for a paper for school,” I said abruptly. I did appreciate his help, but he was now hovering next to me and I could feel his breath on my neck and count the number of breaths he exhaled.
He reached for one book and titled it. “Looks like you’ll be here for a while with this load. When you’re done, we could go for a bite. . .” he offered.
I turned away. “I’m seeing someone. Sorry.” He coughed and excused himself. I rolled the sleeves of my shirt and tied my deep red curly hair into a messy bun. I opened the first book I picked out. It was about how Lucifer fell. He got jealous of how God adored the humans more than he adored the angels. He felt inferior to them and he did not like that; considering he was God’s favorite son. After all, his name did mean morning or shining star. He was the perfect embodiment of God and Lucifer was a true soldier. When he started to loathe the humans and crave for power he created an army with some of God’s angels that were cajoled into joining him. God read his mind and he was banished along with his followers, but he didn’t leave without a fight. He declared war and thus the War of Heaven commenced.

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