Black Panther Review by Tamia Whiters

Marvel’s 2018 Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler is a masterful film that spliced engaging fictional visuals with subliminal political messages. Black Panther takes place in a fictional African country referred to as Wakanda. Wakandan society is not a real African country, however, it painted a realistic picture of the rich African culture. The fictional place exemplified the parliamentary governments of African countries as well as its distinctive socioeconomic classes. I was deeply satisfied with how Black Panther gave the audience a little piece of Africa that most people in countries like the United States do not typically see.

Generally, many Americans thing that most of Africa is poor, unstructured, violent, and ludicrous because of the media. I, too, am guilty of possessing that misconception. On the contrary, Black Panther utilized the stolen vibranium as a tool to express that a lot of resources from Africa have been stolen from third-world countries, yet, people still fail to acknowledge that fact.

Black Panther also highlighted the physical as well as the mental strength of the female sex, more directly, the female sex that is of African descent. In Black Panther, there were women who were masters of technology and strong leaders for their country. Women were painted as positive figures, and in film, you do not see that very often, therefore, it was refreshing to see.

Overall, the film was very action-packed, and touched on very controversial topics in a creative way. I give Ryan Coogler and all of the Black Panther cast and crew five stars out of five because they did an amazing job and it is the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

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