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Piggyback Movies—Dana Denise Dela Fuente

As many consumers have experienced, subsequent movies are not as [great] as their priors. To name an example, there is the recent hit, Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindewald, that may be taking advantage of the successes of its prequel. Perhaps even the entirety of this series is using the original Harry Potter series as ascendance to maximize profits off of dedicated fans.

Here’s another one––Star Wars was supposed to be a stand-alone movie. Next year, they will be releasing its ninth movie, completing its third trilogy. With the success of the first movie, it is understandable that George Lucas complete his vision to finish the first trilogy. With the second trilogy’s leveraged success, Disney thought to continue this overdue series, albeit its exhausted material.

Of course, there are many others that one could easily think of, but this blog is merely to bring light to this depleting practice. With the popular trend of needing continuity while lacking patience, we end up with movies that are purely quantity over quality. What’s worse is that patrons are blindsighted and continue to be awed by mediocrity, which may be derived from the movie’s title and previous performance.

I am not one who can identify as a professional critic, however, even I at least know when the film quality is not on par with its preceding ratings. My frustration truly only comes from the praise on second-rate movies due to title and directors. It is a consumer error that capitalists feed off of that I hope others may soon come to realize.

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