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Brains That Have Been Cut Up and Dried—Dana Denise Dela Fuente

Outside the creative view of literature, there are those who may not find deeper meaning from arbitrary symbols. To interpret snow with winter and then conclude death as foreshadowing, we may be jumping to big conclusions don’t you think? Such things make a novels predictable, and perhaps they do play as an emblem that may teach the audience a valuable life lesson, but perhaps it may also be at their discretion as to how they want to base their interpretation. Indefinite assumptions create unique concepts, but at the same time, form no concrete substance.

As we have all experienced from being sane individuals, this uncertainty creates a sense of discontentment. Those who are pragmatical must be given empirical data before jumping to conclusions. Even then, another round of analysis must be ran and closely examined to ensure significance within the data. Had scientists determined diagnostics based on symbols, we might have problems. Of course, this is why they are separate fields.

My point is not to bring revilement to literary matter as I understand its importance in this world. I merely wanted to point out a flaw resonates a practical mind’s dilemma with the subject. Perhaps the art of literature is something that realists will, unfortunately, never understand. Similar to how the human tongue will never fully taste coffee, the appreciation for metaphors and abstract work cannot be seen with the same brain that has been cut and dried.

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