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Review of A Higher Loyalty—Melissa (Milo) Schmitt

Politics. It’s always a dreaded topic at family gatherings. It’s a bit late to talk about Thanksgiving but I’m sure a fair share of us had that awkward conversation with our families and friends back home about differing opinions. Some of you fellow political buffs may be familiar with A Higher Loyalty by James Comey that came out in April of 2018. I bet several of you are yawning from boredom already. However, this book happens to be one of my favorites (not only because I’m addicted to politics) because it brings a realistic view into the way our society has formed. Most of us, whether you’re a political buff or not, want a change in the system. And this book shows us nearly everything that is wrong with the system and brings the issues into light. Not too long ago, a friend of mine actually told me this book was out of date, even though it came out this year. Although, in politics, a few months would be considered out of date for my instances. However, I think it’s still relevant–these issues are still happening. Nothing has been fixed. So if you’re interested in learning about the system from in inside perspective, I’d highly suggest the informative, entertaining James Comey book.

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