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Review of Japan’s Cultural Code Words—Melissa (Milo) Schmitt

Slang nowadays is changing so drastically, a college student such as myself can’t even
keep up. Obviously, slang isn’t just an American thing. In fact, most slang terms are
international, they’re just different words with the same, or similar, meanings. I personally traveled to Japan over the summer of 2018 and had to quickly learn the casual speech in Japan. Languages taught in a classroom setting teaches us formal speech that only gets us weird looks from the locals. For people who have been to other countries, you understand the pain. However, this review is to help people interested in going to Japan. Before I went, I found a book called Japan’s Cultural Code Words by Boyé Lafayette De Mente. This book includes most slang words still used today that really gets you in with the locals. It has so many terms with descriptive definitions and even examples. So this is the guide for you if you’re interested in Japan. If not, but you’re interested in traveling abroad, search for a guide similar.

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