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Outlander Book and TV Review—Taylor Nosekabel

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is an adult fantasy series. In it, Claire, the main character accidentally touches some ancient stone in the Scottish Highlands and gets transported back in time to when the Jacobites were uprising against England (around 1745). This creates many problems for Claire because she was on her honeymoon and now she is separated from her husband and she is transported to a time where different things are expected of her. Claire struggles with this because she is a very outspoken woman, and being a woman in the 1700s you were not allowed to be outspoken. Claire doesn’t change her ways she just suffers the consequences of what speaking your mind as a woman during this time will bring about.

On her journey in this distant past Claire meets a man named Jamie Fraser. She begins to develop feelings for him and this causes an internal war to ensue inside her because she is married and should not be having feelings for another man, but Jamie is one of the only people in this foreign environment who makes Claire feel safe. This book series, which is eight to nine books long follows Claire and Jamie’s story in the Highlands as well as dealing with the Jacobite Rising.

There was also a television show made about this book and it is an excellent adaptation. Both the book and the television show develop the characters and the setting, while letting the plot teach about the history of the war. While reading this book (and watching the TV show) I learned so much about the Jacobite Rising of 1745 and what a big impact it had on Scottish and British history, as well as American history.

Overall this book and TV show has well-developed characters, a detailed setting, and a riveting plot that is both fiction and fact at the same time. I would highly recommend this book and it is definitely worth the eight hundred page read.

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