Fiction 2018 / Spring 2018 / Volume 48

Double Knots—Raymond Arcangel

He was grounded for the entire summer, having finished the fourth grade with a U—for unsatisfactory—in penmanship. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been warned, was it? his mother asked on the last day of school. She sat at the table in their small kitchen, the stiff green paper of his report card somehow even more … Continue reading

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A Book Review of “The Human Age The World Shaped by Us” by Diane Ackerman—Kailey Blunk

In The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us, Diane Ackerman brings a new way to look at our society during the Anthropocene. Ackerman discusses the way humans have become the single most dominant force on our planet, however seems to deliver the message that humans may be oblivious to our environmental impact. Ackerman’s book … Continue reading

Fiction 2018 / Spring 2018 / Volume 48

Opening in Silence—Samantha Jankowski

Cast of Characters PERSON A: Male/Female, hungry, chip-loving individual who does not have the u best sense of silence. PERSON B: Male/Female, busy, easily annoyed individual searching for silence.   Place A quiet room (a library, a waiting room, etc.) Time Present Opening in Silence (PERSON B is sitting at a desk/table working very studiously. … Continue reading