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Fowey Festival—Taylor Bruno

Within the past year, I had the privilege to travel overseas to the United Kingdom to volunteer and attend the Fowey Festival in Cornwall. What is the Fowey Festival? Well, the festival’s inspiration comes from the famous author Daphne du Maurier, who spent a great deal in and around Fowey. I believe for a time the festival used to be even called The du Maurier Festival. Now, today the festival is full of events and activities surrounding Daphne du Maurier’s writings and inspirations through book talks, debates, entertainment, and even walks. The festival brings in people from all over to partake in festival too, from writers, tourists, and locals to all and have a great time with a week full of festivities while in Fowey.

While at Fowey I also had the pleasure of representing the Coe Review to two colleges to talk about what is it and to get people interested in their own literary magazine and perhaps start one up at their school. We also spread the knowledge that the Coe Review accepts and welcomes many submissions around the world and encouraged the students themselves to submit. One of my favorite experiences while in Fowey was with one of the groups we visited, their eagerness to learn more about the Coe Review (and also Iowa in general and when they themselves could visit) was inspiring and made me glad that I got to experience how great writing is and its implications on people.

Being able to volunteer at such a beautiful place was an experience I won’t forget(especially the views). I got to witness people talk about their own books and other works, from their writing processes, writing styles, and general advice for writing. Highly recommend anyone, writers or not, who have the time to experience that is the Fowey Festival.

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