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Learning About Myself—Kailey Ann Blunk

candied apple cheeks,
red like fuji apples:
ripest in the fall,
barren in the winter.

gleaming jewels in her eye
socket, she looks at me and i feel
frozen; she whispered in my ear:
“i feel things i shouldn’t know of.”

she took me by the hand,
ropey fingers
intertwining, palm to
palm, mouth to mouth.

she holds me to her chest and shushes
me for i am a scared lamb, knees
wobbling, and i feel like running.

i’m not sure how i am
feeling; this is so wrong, yet
so right, and i am captivated by her.

sinners applaud us,
catholics are quaking; we
sip red wine in a church,
and redefine praying.

if this is so wrong, then
why does it feel so…
forget it.

if this is so wrong then so be it,
i am wrong, yet i am always

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