Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

A Field of Reeds-By: Taylor Bruno

A Field of Reeds


A single warm light illuminates an old man all alone on a dark stage. He looks around and isn’t concerned that he is alone. He isn’t too bothered at all.


He is wearing all black and looks longingly at a place (nothing in particular, but never at the audience). He just keeps looking. He then examines himself, debating if he is even actually standing where he is. Is he fascinated?



I find myself walking, endlessly through a field. Time moves slowly, at least I think it is for me. It feels as though I am not making any progress, yet here I am. Walking. Just, walking.


Walking. I fear that there is no end. Yet I do not feel fear. I particularly don’t feel anything but, I feel happy? Happy. I feel warm. I feel light. I feel content? But why? I am in a place of nowhere. Nowhere surrounds me. Nowhere is here? No. No. I see it now. Nothing is in sight but an everlasting field before me. Though I continue to walk. Why am I here? Am I looking for something? What I am looking for? What am I searching for? I am all alone? Is there is no one to answer me? Am I supposed to answer them myself? Should I be even asking questions? I should just keep walking. But, for how much longer? I don’t even know how much time has passed or even when I began to walk. I just know that I need to keep walking. I am sure I will find my purpose. A purpose? My purpose? 


This field, is sure beautiful. Possibly the most beautiful field I have ever come across. It is a shame that I am the only one here to spectate it. This field, it is almost like I have read about it somewhere. A place only certain people get to see. Someone like me. Why am I special? I think I would want everyone to see this field. So, why am I the only one here? 

(long pause)

Hello? Hello? Ah. I think I get it now. I am only alone for the time being. A lot of people have seen this field, more than I could ever know. I bet that this very field is the Field of Reeds. Yes. This field is full of reeds. And the reeds fill the field. And my path, of me walking through is only a part of life long journey that has ended. But, I am here. I have found it. My life, my everything is here. How beautiful. Isn’t it beautiful? Life. My life. My journey. Oh how it ended in joy.


An old woman appears from the dark and joins hands with the old man. The single light, turns gold as it illuminates the entire stage revealing many people to and from various places across the stage. walking across for a few moments before the lights completely to black


End of Play

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