Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

Flash Fiction:Annoying Morning- By: Thomas Dillon

On account of my blinds, I woke up 45 minutes early today. Last week I put some new blinds over the window above my bed to replace the broken ones that came with my flat. I had thought that I screwed everything in right, but as it turns out I hadn’t. So, this morning, the blinds gave out and fell on me while I was asleep. Thing is, the blind didn’t hurt but them falling let the 10 o’clock sun in to trounch all over my sleeping face. That woke me up alright. I didn’t feel like moving the boxes under my bed just to look for a few loose screws, so I left the blinds on my bed and began my day early.

Normally on Sunday, I sleep in a nice pair of pajama pants that I got for a birthday a few years ago so that I feel good when I wake up. Unfortunately, I left those pants in a friends washing machine, so I was stuck with my underwear to sleep in. Honestly, this made things a bit easier in the morning, albeit less comfortable. I put on some old jeans and a soft blue shirt that I can’t remember getting. The shirt had a stain on it from an ice cream cone, but it didn’t bother me. The stain appeared during a particularly hot June when I was in a hurry to get somewhere and bumped into someone. I couldn’t tell you the details, I was drunk when it happened. I only wear the shirt at my place now, since my job has me wearing a company issue yellow shirt anyway. The pants were a friends.

After a bit of staring out the window I decided it was time to eat. I hadn’t had time to go shopping, so I settled for some leftover soup from Saturday’s Thai food order. The fridge had not been kind to it, but there was enough soup left that I felt like I was having a meal. I stared at the styrofoam soup bowl after I finished eating, watching the vegetables slide to the bottom. The salty taste of the soup lingered as I washed out the cup and threw it away. I finished my breakfast with a hearty glass of tap water and went to brush my teeth. 

My bathroom is just big enough to fit a sink, toilet and shower into, but not big enough to be comfortable. I leaned against the wall with my worn out toothbrush in my mouth, thinking about how I should have got it replaced last month. I would have, but I had better things to do than shop around for dentistry appliances last month. Oh well, maybe next Saturday.

As I left my toothbrush to dry, the phone on my nightstand lit up. At first I thought it would be something important, but it ended up being a weather forecast for the day. 50 degrees in September. SOmetimes I don’t even know why I moved here. Oh yeah, work.

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