Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne Review- Nghia Luong

This nine novel long book series can be compared to a mature or adult version of the Percy Jackson book series, which most people grew up reading and many would say inspired their love for all things mythology.  

Kevin Hearne’s novels follows Atticus o’Sullivan, who is the last remaining druid and serves as a sort of mediator between many of the world’s pantheons which, coincidentally, all coexist. The series goes through many different past religions and brings up a lot of mythologies, however there is heavy focus on the Celtic, Norse, and of course, Greek/Roman gods. Atticus faces many challenges and faces off against age old deities and monsters, and, just like every hero in these stories, ends up getting the girl.

The books themselves are a pretty fun read, and should fill up time for students looking for some light fantasy to read between classes or doing homework or just before bed. Otherwise, the book tends to abuse many tropes and stereotypes, the main ones being that the hero always gets the girl, and usually gets many girls. Along with that, minor characters are constantly sidelined and given little time in the limelight, despite being more interesting. 

All in all the series was a satisfying read for the first few, it scratched an itch for urban fantasy, as well as filling the void finishing Percy Jackson left, however it isn’t a book series I will be returning to unless there’s nothing else to read, just for the unsatisfying ending, as well as many decisions the Kevin Hearne makes throughout the story. Other readers might not have the same problems, however, and giving it a quick read could prove to be a  fun experience!

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