Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

Self-Indulged- By: Simon Walker

Call me           .                      Never mind how

little or no money in my purse,

To       me                  , I thought I would

see the                       world.              A way I have of

regulating the circulation        I

find myself growing

in my soul; whenever I find

coffin warehouses, and                                  every

funeral;                                                my

hand,               requires a strong         principle to prevent me

from                 stepping into                and                 knocking,

I account it                             as soon

as I can. This is                      pistol and ball with a

Philosophical                                                   sword; I quietly

take.               There is nothing surprising in this.     They

knew it,            all men                        some time or other, cherish

the same feelings towards                  me.

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