Coe Review Staff Blogs Fall 2019

The Wolves by: Sarah Delappe- Review by: Sarah Stocking

The Wolves by Sarah Delappe is a contemporary play about a girl’s soccer team. Delappe focuses in on the girls themselves, giving adults very few lines and rarely showing the teammates off the field. Off field pressures and issues are still very relevant though, as the girls discuss everything from foreign politics to a teammates potential crush on a girl and the ramifications of their captain being a lesbian. Throughout the play, the girls are referred to by their team numbers, which can make it a more difficult to distinguish characters until you get a sense of who each of the girls are. Numbers 7 and 14 are easy to distinguish right away, and of course the captain stands out. As you progress farther into the play, the girls really take on individual personalities. But it is rough for the first few scenes, and you’ll want to keep a tab on the character descriptions page. The Wolves will keep you on your toes, as they fight their way towards the end of the season and making a name for themselves as soccer players and as girls.

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