Blog Post / Spring 2020

Fantasy Monologue: Prince Orson By: Thomas Dillon

I was supposed to be the heir to a new world, and I had no say in the matter. From the moment of my birth, I was destined for greatness. My very existence signaled the end of Berktraz’s reign over my people, and with it the beginning of a continental rejuvenation. I was told this in no uncertain terms multiple times, by my advisors, my priests, my teachers, and especially my parents.  It took me years to grapple with this responsibility, but I have finally realized that this must be the path I take. I only hope I can walk it with confidence. I have begun giving speeches about how my parents’ armies will break the chains forged by the Berkts and finally regain our place as the great nation we once were. If only I could write them myself.

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