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Leaving Lybia — Carl Boon

I wait for a curse, a sad and final gunburst before it’s time to leave. There are figs my mother gathered for breakfast,   the sins of brothers that weren’t sins before chameleon-sprayed   on the walls of Al-Jami al-Kabir, where the girl I loved   sold carnations in the quiet light; her hair still … Continue reading

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The Alligator in the Kitchen, Leesburg, Florida, Wednesday — Ron Riekki

The men stand, holding brooms, waiting for the madness to ring a bell.  No one dares move.  The night has teeth, teeth like God, a mouthful of God, filled with meat.   Who left the door open?  Nothing to be said.  Just this congregation of testosterone near the refrigerator, tugging at hips, invisible holsters, souls … Continue reading

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Albert — Fiona Collins

Here I am, I am Albert Thompson. Home for the holidays, of course. Hello, Cove Road. Mother, father, family assembled, waiting­­— prime examples of performative adoration. Love is an expensive electric toothbrush: Painfully enthusiastic Makes you taste the blood in your mouth You can always hear its unpleasant murmuring.   Christmas Eve Let’s all go … Continue reading

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National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month—affectionately called NaNoWriMo by its users—is an international writing event. It was started in San Francisco the summer of 1999 and has grown exponentially since then to become a nonprofit organization promoting literacy and encouraging children and teens to write through the Young Writer’s Program. Anyone can make an account and it’s free to … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Friday: Basement Magic

“Basement Magic” “Do you really think that this will work?” “Of course it will work, stop worrying about it.” “Resurrecting the dead isn’t an easy task.  Even necromancers only reanimate.” “Well, why do you think I brought the two of you here to help me?” “Even if we did—!” “I said it’ll work, okay?  Just … Continue reading