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Flash Fiction Friday: Leaving the Roost

“Leaving the Roost”           His name was Mike and he wasn’t a baker. He forced-fed hamsters with Parkinson’s hands—a tiny napkin to mop up every last drop. He spilled integrity on his sheets and washed them anyway. Though his glasses reflected shimmers of silver everywhere he looked, he cleaned his applewood mantle … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Friday: Basement Magic

“Basement Magic” “Do you really think that this will work?” “Of course it will work, stop worrying about it.” “Resurrecting the dead isn’t an easy task.  Even necromancers only reanimate.” “Well, why do you think I brought the two of you here to help me?” “Even if we did—!” “I said it’ll work, okay?  Just … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday — Self-Inititating Justice

“Self-Initiating Justice” by Alexander Boyd Sierra—her clan won’t surrender to surnames—caught executing her own justice against a shoplifter via voodoo, was burned at one in the afternoon on one of the January days between snowfalls. She lean back, strapped with thick twine, against a courtroom podium. Atop his plinth, sitting as though no conversation he’d … Continue reading