fall 2015 / Poetry / Poetry 2015 / Volume 46

Choice — Lori Levy

You could wake up believing in chocolate chip trees and a hip hop god who directs your sheets to rap in the morning. Another day you might wake as a pimple— bloated, unwanted, ugly as pus— and feel everyone rush to cream you away. The sky might aim its crows at your head or vicious … Continue reading

fall 2015 / Poetry / Poetry 2015 / Volume 46

The Alligator in the Kitchen, Leesburg, Florida, Wednesday — Ron Riekki

The men stand, holding brooms, waiting for the madness to ring a bell.  No one dares move.  The night has teeth, teeth like God, a mouthful of God, filled with meat.   Who left the door open?  Nothing to be said.  Just this congregation of testosterone near the refrigerator, tugging at hips, invisible holsters, souls … Continue reading

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Albert — Fiona Collins

Here I am, I am Albert Thompson. Home for the holidays, of course. Hello, Cove Road. Mother, father, family assembled, waiting­­— prime examples of performative adoration. Love is an expensive electric toothbrush: Painfully enthusiastic Makes you taste the blood in your mouth You can always hear its unpleasant murmuring.   Christmas Eve Let’s all go … Continue reading