fall 2018 / Poetry 2018

Depressionism—Michael Milburn

A combination of heredity and inaccessible causes having weighted me down psychically to the point of moving in a trudge even when the going’s level, I try not to glower or say cynical things of the sort that led a colleague to call me spring-loaded on no. It’s a feat of impersonation to avoid the … Continue reading

fall 2018 / Poetry 2018 / volume 49

Bronze Shoes on a Budapest Quayside—Elizabeth Weir

Jewish shoes, weary, worn and worked, broken walled, broken-willed shoes. Buttoned and buckled shoes, ribboned shoes and strapped, fashion shoes, pointed and patterned, sensible shoes, a man’s battered work boots. Knee boots, torn and fallen, children’s shoes, paired and single. A woman’s shoes, small-boy shoes beside her’s; one heeled dancing shoe tipped over, a man’s … Continue reading