Poetry Book Review: Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen” by Grace Augustin

Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen” is a 2014 critically acclaimed poetry book that makes an intelligent and thought-provoking addition to the current conversation of race, politics, and inequality. For this book, Rankine is a finalist for the 2014 National Book Award in Poetry, winner of the Poets and Writers’ Jackson Poetry Prize, and winner of the 2015 … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Friday: reptilia

The lizard child is tapping on his sometimes prison, usually room; toenails tapping out a mantra against walls he doesn’t understand. For a creature that supposedly should have spent its life running across the arid plains, he sure trips a lot. The wedge of a head whips up to look at me, perched on my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wuthering Heights

Just recently, I read Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The book was difficult to put down because each page was so captivating, and it left me drowning in the passion the characters were feeling. The writing was impeccable, and it helped bring the amazing plot to life. Apart from the writing bringing the plot to … Continue reading