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Becoming Persephone —Mary Ann Honaker

We’d sprayed gold paint into paper bags and huffed the fumes.  Detached from body,   self a phosphorescent bubble ahover in some bright-colored world, somewhere askance   from here.  My boyfriend passed out. Sometimes, when one says love, she means   A sour drink that tastes better than loneliness or the door that leads out … Continue reading


Doll–Toti O’Brien

Hear her sudden voice mortified by dirt walls. Speaks incessantly, murmuring a faint song then remembering sunbeams, silken umbrellas pink pearls. She lies outnumbered by acidic bottles rotten by dust and rust. Obstinate, undertaking obscurity moistened by twilight, she cries while with untrained fingers I scan for sensible lines in my ear full of labyrinthine … Continue reading


I Think I Will Go and Live with the Animals–Ann Struthers

There is comfort in animals They give themselves so completely, so openly to their lives, to today without any yesterdays or tomorrows. They accept the inherited patterns, without remorse or exultation. Move easy in their agility and grace, Accept their own faces, their bodies. Even the baggy elephant doesn’t mourn before the mirror, beautiful tiger … Continue reading