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Goodnight, Irene–Joyce Janca-Aji

We hear ourselves speak as though it is we who are driving this mad bus pell-mell down the mountain.   Outside, under the juniper tree, the wasps are swarming, the bullfrogs relentless and brackish in their chant.   Pain or pleasure, medicine or poison, each blade of grass can be a gate, each footfall a moment of wakefulness. … Continue reading

Fall 2017 / Poetry 2017 / Volume 48

Freiheit! Freiheit!–Michael Estabrook

Long lines at Copenhagen Airport a stocky, older gentleman with a graying crew-cut and sandals suddenly begins screaming in German, “Freiheit! Freiheit!” waving his passport around over his head.   It takes a minute or two until he is surrounded by airport security guys in their tall boots and yellow flak jackets. They’re confused, talking … Continue reading

Fall 2017 / Poetry 2017 / Volume 48

The Demise and the Resurrection of the Diving Lady–Virginia Chase Sutton

At sundown, atop a 78-foot platform, the neon Diving Lady jackknifes, blinks, stretches to her full ten feet, blinks, then slides into baby blue ripples. It is a dive she completes every six-and-a-half minutes, amassing a total of sixty-four million leaps until a violent storm rips her from the Starlite Motel’s flashing sign. It sends … Continue reading