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Fall 2019 / Poetry 2019 / Volume 50

A GOOD ATTIC By: Michael Milburn

Is somewhere to climb to  where the light’s  weak in its reach and not just, as in modern McMansions, another furnished floor. There should be    startlingly aerial  dormer vistas and an unvisited  stowed-away clothes mustiness,  a seasoning of stuff  used by dead people,    preferably babies, like the pram with cycle-sized wheels  and wide … Continue reading

Fall 2019 / Poetry 2019 / Volume 50

FOOTSTEPS By: Michael Milburn

Well-dressed sons of well-to-do fathers in navy blazers  and khaki pants,    miniature men strutting around  in someone’s image  and it’s not God’s.   A stately sight, these junior gentlemen  gliding in the shadows  of gentlemen,    like putty  in a parent’s hand,  and we’ll hear how it hardens   into family  as promise or … Continue reading

Fall 2019 / Poetry 2019 / Volume 50

Hot and Humid and In Love By: Deborah H. Doolittle

After L. L. FitzGerald’s Nude Woman Reading,                           dry point on wove paper, c. 1926-29   The intermittent creaking of the chair,  the steady drip, drip, drip of the bath tub  faucet, she combs and coils up her damp hair, crosses and tucks her legs upon the rung.   The air’s soft and moist with the … Continue reading